Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sidehiller Snowshoe Race

This Saturday will be Amber's first snowshoe race of the season. That is if it isn't cancelled. We should find out later today whether there will be enough snow to race on the fairgrounds. The course has already been modified so it no longer crosses the road but instead stays nearly entirely on the fairgrounds.
The revised Sidehiller course
Paul Kirsch, Sidehiller's race director, describes the course as " a 2 lap course of the Sandwich Fairgrounds (about 5 miles total distance). Relive your great memories of the Cattle area, the Swine, the Oxen, without all of those pesky crowds!! "

It will be really disappointing if this race doesn't occur since it is the only race that Amber and I have done every year since we started snowshoeing in 2009.

2011 Results:


2010 Results:
9DannyFerreira27ConcordNH34: 01

27            Amber Cullen            27             Concord NH             38: 39


2009 Results
8           Danny Ferreira    26                   Concord NH           39:15
28        Amber Cullen  26                       Concord NH            48:03


Wow! Can that really be correct? Amber took off nearly 10 minutes from her time from 2009 to 2011 while I took off less than five minutes. The 2009 and 2011 courses were the same and it appears that this year's course will be the same(or similar) as the 2010 course. Will we see the same level of improvement? Let's hope!

Danny chasing DD as always...

Is this a race?

Up Next: Treating the Multisport Athlete Conference in NYC Friday, Sidehiller Saturday, Moving my sister into her apartment Sunday. 

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