Tuesday, January 3, 2012

San Juan 70.3

Amber will be doing San Juan 70.3 this year on March 18, 2012. As much as I would love to go cheer her on, I've got the Winter Wild Championships at Bretton Woods that Saturday so won't be able to make it. This 70.3 is guaranteed to be fast and competitive as it will be, for most pros, the first race back from taking the winter "off".

The course promises to be an early season challenge as the bike course is described as: "Athletes will endure a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride with short but challenging hills." The run sounds amazing as they will run along the Atlantic Ocean, past 16th century Spanish architecture to the turn around point at the entrance of the famous Fort San Felipe del Morro which was designed to protect the town from attack by sea.

Look at these speedy pros from last year.

1st- Kelly Williamson: Swim: 26:34  Bike: 2:24:12 Run:  01:20:25 Total: 04:15:38

2nd- Kate Major: Swim: 27:31 Bike: 2:22:05 Run:1:25:09 Total: 4:19:09

3rd- Caitlin Snow: Swim:27:37 Bike: 2:26:14 Run: 1:21:51  Total: 4:20:33

4th- Magali Tisseyre: Swim: 27:32  Bike: 2:20:59 Run: 1:28:29 Total: 4:21:36

5th- Margaret Shapiro: Swim: 27:29 Bike: 2:19:34 Run: 1:33:51 Total: 4:24:52

6th- Desiree Ficker: Swim: 29:27 Bike: 2:23:22 Run: 1:30:20 Total: 4:27:48

7th- Kim Loeffler: Swim: 31:43 Bike: 2:25:21 Run: 1:26:56 Total: 4:29:02

8th- Nina Kraft Swim: 25:57 Bike: 2:31:29 Run: 1:29:47 Total: 4:31:53

9th- Bree Wee: Swim: 28:01 Bike: 2:26:21 Run: 1:33:41 Total: 4:33:23

10th- Ariane Monticeli: Swim: 31:41 Bike: 2:25:45 Run: 1:31:29 Total: 4:34:31

I expect good things from Amber who has been benefiting from a nice reduction of volume while keeping her intensity up going into this winter. She's maintaining her same speed and power output at a fraction of her volume. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings for her.
Stay tuned:)

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