Friday, January 20, 2012

First Race of the Season This Saturday

It finally looks like we may have a race this weekend. With some snow already on the group and a little more expected, Whitaker Woods should be on. This will be the first race in the Granite State Snowshoe Series and put on by Kevin Tilton. Last year's course was a great combination packed ski trail and powdery single track with just enough hills to make it challenging but not unbearable. I would expect similar trail design this year.

Several racers last year got off trail, including Amber, so the results didn't necessarily accurately reflect the competition but it will likely draw a great crowd as it is the only race this weekend.

Neither Amber or I have put on our snowshoes this season, and Amber will be sitting this race out due to a long bike that she needs to do on Saturday. She'll be there next weekend though for the Sidehiller course which will also serve as the USSSA regional qualifier. Whitaker Woods will surely be a rude introduction back into snowshoe racing, but guarenteed to be a fun time. Check it out here.

I certainly will not be wearing that Orange hat again.

Hopefully at Sidehiller Am and I can get another picture like the one on the cover of Level Renner. Guess that means Scott Mason needs to be shooting some pictures.

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