Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dartmouth Relays

This Sunday I will be heading up to Dartmouth College to participate in the 43rd Dartmouth Relays. I will not be doing a relay. I've entered the 400, the mile and(if I'm feeling ever so ambitious) the 3K. I figure the 400 speed will make the mile pace seem relatively slow...

I was recently complaining to Amber how quickly I fell off the track workouts wagon. There were about three weeks in late November that I was all about them and was doing 2/week or so. Since the Northeastern Track meet in early December? Haven't done a single one. So while originally I was hoping to build upon the speed that I was developing, I am now revising my goal to have not lost speed. I seeded myself in the mile at 4:40 but would probably(can't guarantee with a crotchety young man like me)be happy with anything under 4:55.

Here's my game plan:
 First 400-70seconds
 Second 400- Try to pick it up to 67.5(my goal pace for the Greater Boston Track Invite on Jan 22)
 Third 400- 70 seconds
 Last 400- Hang on for dear life.

Amber may join me up at Dartmouth, so having her there may motivate me to run a little faster- or it could get me to talk myself of running it at all...

Either way it looks to be a fun day of racing and if you're not doing anything there's sure to be some very fast runners up there to watch(or compete against).

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