Thursday, November 17, 2011

Danny's PR's (Not as impressive as Amber)

I have a relatively lazy day today and figured I'd compile a list of my racing personal records(PR's) since I started running, (and arguably swimming and biking) in 2007. As you will see below, almost all of my PR's came this year. I'd like to PR in 2012 at the 800m, mile, 5k and marathon as well as the Ironman(at Mont Tremblant). PR from the 800 to 140.6? Yep. That's the plan. We shall see.

Here are the records(better than the year before but hopefully not as good as next year):
  • 200 m- 27.35 seconds (Greater Boston Track Club Invitational 2011)*
  • 400m-56 seconds(Ultimate Runner 2011) *
  • 800m- 2:18(Ultimate Runner 2011) *
  • Mile- 5:03(Greater Boston Track Club Invitational 2011)^
  • 5k-16:43(NHTI/Delta Dental 5K 2011)
  • 10k - 36:25 (Run Your Hangover Off 2011)
  • 10 Mile- 59:08(Granite State 10 Miler 2011)
  • Half Marathon- 1:15:16(New Bedford 2011)
  • 20 Miles- 2:18:26(Martha's Vineyard 2009)
  • Marathon- 2:47:45(Exeter Marathon 2010)
  • 50 Miler-8:22:00(Pineland Farms 2009)*
  • 100 Miler- 27:43:23.4(Leadville 100 2010)+
  • Half Ironman: 5:08(Texas 70.3 2011)
  • Ironman: 11:19:03(St. George 2011)*
  • 6 mile Swim: 1:59:17(Little Red Lighthouse 2010)*
* = Only time racing that distance
+ = Only time finishing that distance
^ =Didn't count the downhill Millennium Mile since hard to reproduce elsewhere.

Up Next: IRONMAN ARIZONA for Amber(she leaves today!). Nothing for Danny this weekend as the Halloweiner race wouldn't let him do the four person race independently. Lazy day turns into lazy weekend. I will definitely be watching ZONA on Sunday though at


  1. Brooklyn,
    What would be even more impressive is if you started writing in that blog again. Think of the wealth of knowledge on nutrition that you're not sharing with people. Truly a shame.

    Hope all is well.