Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you run a race and it's not posted on Cool Running, does it count?

When I first started running in 2007, Amber had given me a link to Cool Running where I could look up races throughout the country based on distance or location. Immediately I found a 15k, 20 miler and a marathon that I signed up for as my first three races ever. Since then, I have been hooked. No plans for the weekend? Check Cool Running. How did your friends do at that half-marathon they'd been training for? Check Cool Running. Need a cool homepage? Use Cool Running. Need training tips? Check Cool Running.  Now as a race director I use it to post my upcoming events. AND will post the results.

But what happens if those results don't get posted?
Every great once in a while, I enter a race that does not post the results of the race. When this happens I go through several stages of coping:

First it's perseveration- I check multiple times every day on the Cool Running website to ensure I didn't miss it. I try going from the race's website, from the races/results page of Cool Running, from the event's calendar page. I try everything.

When that doesn't work, I move to ambivalence: I didn't want to see my results, anyway!

Quickly, I move on to pseudo-acceptance: Well, I do have my time on my watch and I know what place I came in so it's okay that it's not online. It was a stupid race anyway!

That soon changes to exaggeration:  I won the race and ran a sub-15 5K! Piece of cake!

As soon as I get called out on that, I move along to panic: Nobody's going to believe me( see above to see if they should) and they won't even know I did it!.

Eventually it turns to acceptance: While I'm not happy about this, it's okay since it's only a race. When I become a race director I will make sure I always post my results.

Everyone's coping strategy is different with some more helpful than others. The thing to remember is that we aren't (or shouldn't be) doing these races for other people or even for the results themselves. There are so many things that are out of our control that if we are only focused on time we will be disappointed time and again. Races are for us to test our fitness or training plan, and to have a fun time being outside with like-minded individuals. Maybe to go somewhere exotic or to be amongst friends. So next time you find out that race you entered didn't post the results, don't fret. Just remember all the fun you had that day and the world record you (supposedly) set, and you should be alright.

Up Next: Granite State 10 Miler Oct 22(Danny), Cape Cod Marathon Oct 30th(Danny), and Ironman Arizona November 20th(Amber)

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  1. After each race, I wait for the results to be printed and posted at the race site (usually on a wall, or the side of the race timer's vehicle.)

    Then I look for my name, and make sure the time and category are correct. If so, I take a few pictures of the posted results. If not, I speak with the timing people.

    When I leave the race site, I've got photos of the posted results...just in case they never show up on coolrunning.

    (Yes, I know. It doesn't matter where I show up in the results. Medal finishes are few and far between for ME. But if I ran a race, I want to be listed. You know the feeling.)