Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Third Annual Gold Jacket Tournament

No races this weekend for either Irongirl or running boy(note ultra is removed as I haven't been doing any ultras in recent months). I was scheduled to go up to New Gloucester, ME for Pineland Farms 50 miler, but after realizing my sister, Mar would be gone for the rest of the summer for Europe and Asia we had a relatively last minute organized, Gold Jacket Tournament. As fun as 50 miles of running is, it doesn't compare to having the saw-dust beaten out of you by your siblings and their significant others.

For those of you not familiar with the Gold Jacket Tournament, or didn't see my seemingly hundreds of Facebook posts on it, here's a brief intro. Two years ago, my brothers devised this event in celebration of my Bachelor party. They came up with a weekend full of different events ranging from soccer to quarters, tennis to baseball, darts and billiards culminating with an obstacle course. The winner would take home the Gold Jacket Tournament Cup(similar to the Stanley Cup but a little more prestigious). It was such a success(despite me finishing dead last) that we decided to make it an annual event. Last year, it was in celebration of my sister's 21st birthday and this year it was for her and her boyfriend, Matt Menning's, college graduation.
Offical 3rd Annual Gold Jacket Caps: "I'm just easing the tension baby."

This year my brother, Andrew, organized the event. Despite pulling off a very successful March Madness bracket this year, our expectations were pretty low. We were wrong. At the start of the weekend, Drew had us sit down around the table and distributed a packet to each of us. In them contained a rule book, itinerary, a hat with a Happy Gilmore quote(every year we have to do a different quote from the movie), and a Bruins lunch box(to conceivably to hold our food as it appeared from the schedule we would be busy all weekend).
Copy of the Leader Board

The schedule looked pretty similar to years past, starting out with darts and billiards on Friday night, with some new events thrown in like Chinese Checkers and Boggle. However, most notably different was the point set up. Instead of doing a 10, 5, and 1 point schedule for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, Andrew made it so all six participants would get points for placing: 6 for 1st, 1 for 6th etc. This made is so every event became even more important.

I started off Friday night in the lead, winning at adult beverage chugging, billiards and coming in second at darts. I woke up the next morning in third though because Matt Menning and Andrew decided to start off with the Case Race which put them in great position to start Saturday. With a 7am tee-time, I had decided to get a reasonable bed time(3am) while Matt Menning did not sleep at all. This became apparent as we began golfing. Usually one of the better golfers, Matt M was only a few strokes ahead of me after nine. For those of you who haven't golfed with me, to describe myself as a hacker would be an over-estimate. I spend so much time in the woods that Matty Ferreira decided to give a bonus for most balls found. Not even a joke.

Matt Menning, Andrew and Marilyn all eventually beat me and Matty Ferreira tied me(I had a six shot handicap) but beat me in the putt off. Luckily Matty's friend, Cindy, was there and was apparently worse than me so I didn't come in last.
Matty, Mar, Danny and Drew with a dirty upper lip
As the weather was nicer than expected, we wanted to take advantage of it by getting in our outdoor activities. So basketball and tennis were up next. I did play varsity basketball in high school and intramurals all through college but I was scrappy and hustled. Doesn't do a lot for one-on-one king of the court. After losing handily to Matt, Matty and Drew and barely beating Marilyn, I quickly saw my chances of winning fade. After Matt Menning scored a second place finish at tennis, I realized I had to revise my goals to beating him rather than winning.

Didn't happen. Other than the food eating contest which I won without issue, I didn't win another event the entire weekend. Matt Menning, despite a horrendous home run derby and poor baggo game, actually gave Matty F a run for his money, with Matty barely winning thanks in part of a good strategy during the obstacle course and a nearly flawless mini-golf game.

Despite my third year in a row of losing pretty badly to my siblings, I am already looking forward to our 4th annual tournament.

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