Friday, June 3, 2011

Mooseman 70.3

This weekend Amber and I will be participating in Mooseman 70.3. This will be my first time but Amber's third. Here's a brief overview of the last few years of triathlon for Amber:

2007- Amber enters her first triathlon with a mountain bike- still places in her age-group.

2008- Amber just starts getting into longer distance triathlons and in July competes in her first 70.3 in Providence. Comes in 25th in her Age Group.

2009- Amber competes in the Bull Moose Challenge at Mooseman which is comprised of an Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday and the 70.3 on Sunday. She wins it. Proceeds to also win the Lord of the Flies up at Waterville Valley during Black Fly Weekend. Comes third in her age-group at Ironman Wisconsin and misses out by one slot for qualifying for Kona.

2010- Mooseman does away with the Bull Moose Challenge so Amber competes in just the 70.3 race. She finishes first female amateur overall. Qualifies for Kona at Lake Placid the next month.

2011- Amber enters Mooseman as a Pro. Is coming off a tough Ironman St. George due to a mechanical but is stronger and more fit than ever. Can't wait to see.

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