Thursday, June 16, 2011

Addendum to the Last Post

After posting yesterday's blog, I was confronted with people pointing out several inconsistencies with the post. Here are the corrections:

Amber: "Oh I saw that you went to Jeremy's class. I would have gone with you."
Danny: "Errr. Well I haven't actually gone yet."
Amber: "But our blog said...nevermind. When did you sign up?"
Danny: "I haven't yet done that either."
Amber: "Do you know if the class has any availabilities left? They usually fill up very quickly."
Danny: "No, I just thought I'd swing by."
Amber: "Swing by?"
Danny: "Yeah don't they have walk-in classes?"
Amber: "No"
Danny: "Oh"

So I better get talking with Jeremy and seeing if he actually does have any availability left and, if so, whether I can sign up.

2) While running with Rich Lavers of aR yesterday, he pointed out that:
"Danny, the 58 year old woman that passed you was actually pretty nice, wasn't it the 68 year old lady that trash talked you as she walked by?"
J. Massa added:
"Danny weren't you the only finisher to walk across the finish line? And didn't it take you longer than most hikers?"

Thanks guys for the corrections. As always, very helpful.

3) While Keith Shields did sign up for Ironman Mont-Tremblant, he did so only because his number one choice(NYC) sold out in 15 minutes.

4) It was also pointed out to me that to have A-races, I need to put in the appropriate amount of training(which apparently cannot consist entirely of holding my breath and flexing my stomach). From that kind person's perspective I haven't done a race that should be classified higher than an H.

Again thanks.

5) And finally, despite actually requiring more flexibility, it would also be helpful if I ditch my basket and bell on my tri-bike, take the baseball cards out of my spokes and to try to be a little more aerodynamic.

So that's it I think. Again I apologize for all of the confusion that this brought to the great readership of the Irongirl etc blog and hope that I could help clarify any angst that this may have brought you.

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