Thursday, March 10, 2011

US Snowshoe National Championships: Pre-race

Last year entering in the snowshoe national championships, there seemed to be a lot more hype. Most likely it was due to the fact that it was in the Northeast so all the snowshoe runners' blogs were able predictions etc. This year, not so much. I guess it will be a fun surprise to see where I(and Amber) fall in the mix of runners. Kevin Tilton and Jim Johnson are both coming out so at best we're looking at third place but I suspect a far lower finish for myself. There are several good women mountain runners like Brandy Erholtz as well women ranked higher than Am in the Federation Cup Scoring like Carolyn Stocker so it will be fun to see how Am rises to the challenge. After seeing her tear apart Mt. Sunapee last week at Winter Wild, I am expecting good things from her despite the pressure(and target) of being the returning National Champ. 
     This is a great way to end the season: making a nice long weekend out of our last race and seeing a part of Wisconsin that neither of us have been to before. Wisconsin is a pretty significant state for us though. It's where I started running when I was on clinical and it was also Amber's first Ironman. Great things happen in three's so I'm expecting nothing less this weekend.
  We are a little disappointed though that USSSA put this race the same weekend as the Granite State Snowshoe Championships up at the Great Glen at the base of Mt. Washington. That was such an awesome race last year- Chris Dunn and aR racing standard. I would definitely recommend that anyone not racing in Wisconsin to try to make it up there this Sunday. You won't be disappointed.

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