Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Stuff, Upcoming Races, Training Thus Far

We have decided to try to make our blog a little less "busy" so we've made a separate blog(link located to the left of our posts) that focuses on training tips and we'll keep this one for race reports, interviews and other fun stuff. So far, we've got two article reviews on carbohydrates +protein supplementation for endurance events and low volume high intensity workouts for the time crunched athletes. Let us know if there's any areas that you'd like to see researched...

The fun stuff: This weekend Amber and I have the Exeter Double. Saturday we'll be doing the Exeter Hullabaloo, the fourth race in the GSSS. If you haven't yet made it to one of these, you are definitely missing out. They are fun for everyone whether racing, running, jogging or walking. In addition to being outside with a group of like-minded people, there is usually a great post-race celebration for the ones hosted by Chris Dunn and acidotic RACING.
This race is expected to be technical, windy and challenging so it will be interesting to see who rounds out the top 3.

After the Hullabaloo Am and I will be spending the night at the Inn by the Bandstand, a bed and breakfast right in Exeter, which we hear is excellent. After a, hopefully, good breakfast and a solid utilization of 8-10 hours of bed we will be off to the second part of our Exeter Expedition. We will be participating in an Exeter Swim Meet. I am interested to see how well Amber does against people that swim not as part of the training but their entire training... Also interesting, I'm sure to watch, will be me trying a)not to drown, b) dive from the starting blocks and not belly flop, c) not get lapped in the 100y swim, and d) not get pulled from the race from going to slowly. We shall see...

Speaking of one third of what I am supposed to be doing for my Ironman St. George training: training has been going slow. That is, I've been getting to the pool and doing my prescribed time splashing around 2-3/week now for 5 weeks but have been going slooooooooooow. You would need to add about a billion more o's in there to appreciate the severity of my slowness. I come out of the water looking like a cross between a wet rat and a prune and only having swam a mile. That's less than half of how far I have to swim! Don't get me started on distances: While the snow has been great for snowshoeing and skiing, it hasn't been so good for biking which has taken a serious hit in terms of distance and time. Riding on the rollers or spin bike only can go so far. I've gone that far I think. At least my run seems to not be getting much worse.

That's it for now. Sidehiller went well, great course variability, good competition and as always great coffee at that little coffee shop.

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