Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello everyone.  Amber here. I have been absent on the blog for awhile secondary to a variety of reasons (namely the lack of computer I had access to) but I'm back.  I'm baaacckkk.  And I was thinking: is there a better way to blast back into the blogging scene than with an accurate description of Danny's swim performance a few weekends ago?  I don't think so.  I will admit have been a bit of a three-toed sloth in regards to contributing to our blog.  However, with the recent purchase of our computer and free WiFi access nothing can stop me now.

Let me begin by saying Danny showed up to the swim meet in true Danny Fashion = no warm up, super sonic jet speed consumption of large quantities of food which consisted of 1 bagel with cream cheese, 1 bagel with egg and one large coffee and, of course, blissful ignorance. The blissfull ignorance part is mandatory.  Especially when you are entered in the first event of the day and you still have cream cheese on your face. 

The announcer calls the swimmers in the first event to the blocks.  Danny, stealing the part of the three toed sloth, reluctantly oozes his way onto the blocks.  His competition: an 80-year-old in a saggy speedo and a swimmer of the larger variety who has bouyancy on his side.  Speaking of bouyancy - Danny has none. Actually, in the swimming world he would be the text book example of someone who is negatively bouyant.  a.k.a. Body fat of a beetle. 

To be continued and I promise I will....this story is too good to be left untold....


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