Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hardest Endurance Events-Revisited

Back in November, I had written about my list of the hardest endurance events. I immediately started a plan on attempting to achieve them all in the next couple years. After just finding out that I didn't get into Hardrock, that now makes two that I won't be doing that I was hoping to this year(I was also "weight" listed from Barkley Marathon). My focus this year will now be on qualifying for Kona and the Race Across America and Ironman St. George and the Adirondack 540, respectively. Here's my list again and my plan for doing each.

1)Badwater 135-Requires a minimum of three 100's plus as much other endurance events as possible so, as this is invite only, I will be applying for this one after I've made it successfully through some of the others.

2)Race Across America- The Adirondack 540(actually 544 miles) is in September where I hope to qualify for RAAM. If I can do it in under 46 hours, I should be good. RAAM will be the following July of 2012.

3)The Norseman- Nothing stopping me from doing this one other than money. Will save for it and maybe do next year.

4)Iditarod Trail Invitational-Sold out for 2011, again money is an issue but will see for 2012. Registration opens April 2011.

5)The Hardrock 100-Denied from the 2011 lottery, will try again in 2012.

6)The Nose in a day- Hoping to climb Cannon Cliff and Whiteface etc. this summer to get my climbing skills back to where they used to. Also have never climbed anything more than 5 pitches before...

7)Everest Challenge-September 24-25th 2011. Registration hasn't opened yet but hoping to get in.

8)Arctic Circle Ski Race- Next year I will work on improving my skiing so hopefully will enter for 2013.

9)The Barkley Marathons-"Weight" Listed. Will try again next year.

10)The English Channel Swim- First I've got to find some shorts that fit and then work on my swim technique.
11)Climb Mt. Denali - I would love to end on this one. Weather plays such a huge factor in my success.
12)Qualify and compete in Kona- Ironman St. George will be my best bet- May 7, 2011!

A lot of hoping and praying going on here. This visit may take quite some time to achieve. But from what I hear, it is not the destination but rather the trip that makes life worth living.

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