Monday, January 17, 2011

One Warm Coat

Extravagance isn't a word that usually described Amber and me. We have economical cars, rent instead of own, don't have huge flat screen television, or for that matter cable. Racing and traveling is usually the way we spend our money. It works for us. However, around the holidays it can be frustrating to our loved ones who want to get us something special that we will actually use. China as a wedding gift? I don't think so. We registered at REI. We inevitably get gift cards to REI and EMS which has resulted in a glut of various jackets- I have a heavy, mid-weight and light-weight down jackets for example. And while I can make an argument for each and every one of them, I cannot argue that there are many people out there that need them a lot more. That's where One Warm Coat comes in. You donate your coat and they'll find people that really need them. At every Granite Snowshoe Race this year, Acidotic Racing and Chris Dunn will be collecting them. Not only can you have a great time snowshoeing but you can help those who truly need it.

Up next- we will be interviewing Kevin Tilton, mountain running phenom and this week's Whittaker Woods race director, on how he's trying to run 3,000 miles this year for muscular dystrophy.

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