Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Since running back to back marathons a few weeks after competing in Kona, Amber had rightly taken some time off. Thanksgiving was time to get back into racing apparently. She raced in two Turkey trots last Thursday morning, a 5k in Bow at 8am and four mile in Concord at 9am. I was in Sunapee, trying unsuccessfully, again, to break 18 minutes at that very hilly turkey trot so wasn't able to see the races unfold. However, from several reliable sources, it appeared as though Am was going to take the win at Bow with about 100 yards to go, but was passed by another female and didn't have the legs to pick up the pace thus finishing in 2nd with a solid time of 18:35.
Not bad for the first race of the day. She then booked it over to Bishop Brady High School where she proceeded to run 6:23's up and down and back up Little Pond Road to take the win there.

From Concord, she drove to New London, quickly ate some Turkey, proceeded to out-catch the Ferreira Boys in backyard football then went over to Bradford for desert with the Cullens. After desert Am proceeded to challenge cousins, siblings and husband to a little run up the sand pile.

Amber Getting a head start up the sand pile.

Suffice it to say, it was a race for second place.

After dumping (most of) the sand out of my shoes and pants, Amber's next challenge was to cross a freezing brook on a rotten log. Lucky me, I was chosen to go first.

All in all, a very fun and challenging way to spend a Thursday.

Second and First in two Thanksgiving Races-not bad.
However, she must have been feeling bad about leaving out third place, so she went down to Andover for the 31st running of their famed cross country race. The 3.5 mile run at the Country club seemed to either be going up or down the entire race but she was still able to run a speedy 22:14.


  1. You guys are too funny. Can't even relax on Thanksgiving. So, did the log break?

  2. Apparently the log was stronger than we had first thought and I survived to die another day.