Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ironman St George Training Begins in 13 Days!

Ironman St. George training starts on December 27th for Danny. Sixteen weeks to try to get his bike up to 20mph for 112 miles and his swim down to 1:40/100yards for 2.4 miles while running a Boston qualifying marathon time. To motivate him, he has looked up some race reports.

From Alex McDonald Team Timex: "[Ironman St. George] was by far the most difficult race I have ever done"

John Moore from iamtri.com "Towards the end of the ride, many people who (based on their equipment and muscle tone) were very good bikers were hours off their expected times and I met and heard from several people who had finished multiple Ironman races who did not make the bike cutoff. That is like Warren Buffet bouncing a check...it just doesn't happen. The bike cutoff is there for senior citizens and first-timers who are in over their heads...not experienced racers. The difficulty of this course, even in relatively benign conditions, was more than almost everyone bargained for."

A RACE2TRAIN RACE REPORT BY R2 "By the time I got to ‘the wall' (a nearly 17% climb just over a half-mile long and over 4,000' above sea level) ...I already knew I wasn't going to make the cut-off... turned the last corner to see the timing mat had been rolled up and the race officials were flagging me down - my race was done just over seven hours into the day."

From Wassdoc's Blog "There must have been 20+ mph crosswinds, and I was gripping the front of my bike for dear life. All I could think was that completing the bike without crashing would be a major accomplishment."

Bart Francois of Bart and Tri: " The bike course is really tough, much harder than Lake Placid, in some segments, we feel like in Le Tour, with laces when you look down. A few steep hill around 15% are quite challenging...This race is crazy, it´s only going up, up and up, and down, down and down, and then you go back and do it twice… Run technique is definitely a bonus here, specially down hill !"

Coach Brett: "At the start of the second loop we had some tough headwinds and this was a downer for me, I really wanted to quit but didn't."

Ryan Denner "My assessment of this run course is: one hilly, tough mofo."

Only 1,915 out of the 2,365 registered showed up for the start. Of those, 272 people did not make it to the end for one reason or another, almost a 15% DNF rate which is quite high.


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