Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go-Lite or Go Home

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the Go-Lite next to some of our 2011 races means. Acidotic Racing has teamed up with Go-Lite, the awesome minimalist backpacking company, probably best known for their super-light weight sleeping bags and backpacks, to work on developing the same high quality worksmanship for trail running shoes. Those of you who read Trail Runner might have noticed the Go-Lite ad on the inside cover with none other than Acidotic's own Geoff Cunningham posing in the newest pairs of trail runners.
What is awesome about Go-Lite is not only that they are helping sponsor a lot of our snowshoe and trail races this year and supplying us with some pretty cool shoes, but that they are asking, actually demanding our feedback. This allows for us to find all those things that just aren't perfect with their current model so that the next one is even better. For instance, I have the Go-Lite Flash Lite which is super-light and breathable but didn't have the flexibility that was desired. So we made that suggestion at a meeting we had with the Go-Lite team and they, excitedly, made the corrections so that the next model will be even better.

I am excited to be a part of such an innovative footwear company breaking into the scene of trail running. You can follow how the team is doing through Acidotic's website or on Facebook, or better still, come out to one of the races and meet the guys at Go-Lite as well as Acidotic's whole team.


  1. Hello Danny & Amber, and thanks for your nice post about GoLite Footwear's sponsorship of the acidotic race team for 2011. We are also excited to be working with you, and we agree that our products will only get better with your feedback. So please keep it coming!

    I do want to provide some clarification for you and your readers regarding the connection between GoLite and GoLite Footwear.

    Our company is GoLite Footwear, which is a separate company from the GoLite referenced above, which makes the awesome apparel and outdoor gear. We are a division of New England Footwear, and we hold the license for GoLite branded shoes. We are based in Newmarket, NH, and we are the sponsor of the acidotic team and events next year.

    GoLite (spelled with no - in between) is based in Boulder, CO, and is not part of the sponsorship. While we maintain an ongoing dialog with the Boulder team, and we make products under the same brand name, we actually operate as 2 different companies.

    GoLite Footwear is looking forward to a great year ahead with the acidotic team, and we wish you all a very happy new year!

    Vivian Lefebvre
    Director, PR & Marketing
    GoLite Footwear

  2. Vivian-thank you for the clarification and I apologize for being misinformed. Will not make that mistake again.