Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little spontaneity never hurt anyone

I tried really hard to ignore the fact that you could still register for Syracuse 70.3 but I just couldn't resist. Seriously! How often does that happen? The answer is never. Danny and I also had a friendly bet going. A bet that looked a little like this:

Danny: I signed up for the St. George Ironman. No big deal. (Danny is strutting around the kitchen)

Amber: WHAT!? Are you out of your mind? (Amber has one eyebrow up and is looking very skeptical at Danny)

Danny: No, I am not out of my mind. And I am going to beat you. (Danny flashes a big, toothy grin)

Amber: Actually, I am fairly confident that I can beat you by 2 hours in a full Ironman and 1 hour in a half ironman.

So onward to Syrcause, NY for the inagural Syracuse 70.3

As promised the race is still open so we sign up, 'plug up', exchange some fighting words and before we know it race morning is here!

Danny's swim wave started 15 minutes ahead of mine. I thought I had the bet in the bag when I spy him leaving transition after the swim looking a little like a wet cat. To get a really good visual just plug in 'wet cat' into google and the first picture that pops up is actually danny exiting water.

However he held his own on the bike. Must have been all those mints! And he tore up the run course with a 1:25 half marathon. HOLY SMOKES!

He lost to me by 33 minutes which is far less than the hour I taunted him with. His 5:12 time is actually quite impressive considering the amount of swim and bike training he has done. Which is zip, nil, nix, nada, null, aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, get the point.

Overall I had so much fun racing! My goal was to push the bike as hard as I could. I did. And still pulled off a decent half marathon.

Next stop: KONA!

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