Wednesday, September 8, 2010

amphibious operations and ZOOT shoes!

I came home the other day to find 2 pairs of ZOOT tri shoes at my doorstep:

Ultra-Kalani <--love them!


Ultra TEMPO <---love them!

Thanks to Jake at ZOOT for hooking me up.

So let's talk ZOOT. Zoot uses unique Barefoot technology which incorporates a seam-free liner within the shoe - specifically designed for race day without socks. So you can go sockless and fear no blister.

My three favorits from the Zoot collection: The Zoot Ultra Tempo, Zoot ultra and Zoot kalani. The Zoot ultra tempo features an innovative sole system used in military boots for amphibious operations. What the heck is an amphibious oberation? Let me enlightened you: An amphibious operation is a military operation launched from the sea by naval and landing forces embarked in ships or craft involving a landing on a hostile or potentially hostile shore. An amphibious operation requires extensive air participation and is characterized by closely integrated efforts of forces trained, organized, and equipped for different combat functions. The complexity of amphibious operations and the vulnerability of forces engaged in these operations require an exceptional degree of unity of effort and operational coherence. Comprendo? ---> The Zoot Ultra Tempo features a series of drainage holes in the insole and sole of the shoe. These holes prevent a shoe from getting water logged when athlete pour cups over their head in a hot race while running through aid stations. Additionally, the Zoot ULTRA Tempo uses an integrated stretch lace closure system to facilitate quick donning of the shoes in transition. Stability is accomplished partially through the use of a carbon fiber insert in the mid sole. And, like Newton's the Ultra Tempo's are designed with what Zoot calls the "Tri-O-Mechanics" that are said to promote a more forward-than-heel foot interaction with the ground. "Tri-O-Mechanics"...gotta love the people at ZOOT.

The Zoot ultra's and the Zoot Ultra Kalani are fasssstttt! The shoes are fast because they are light. I think there is enough cushioning in the Kalani's even for Ironman distance runs. And did I mention the "grip button" to help pull the shoe on? What else do you need in a shoe?

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