Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amber's Adjunct Pumpkinman Race Report


Slightly longer version:The gun goes off for the elite wave and before I know it I have caught the super fast feet of Tim Snow. Except I don't know it. I just know that these feet are kicking hard and we are gliding through the water at a good clip. The swim was a 2-loop course in which you exit the water to start the second loop. As I exit the water in my usual less-than-graceful-more-like-drunken-sailor fashion I here cheers for Tim Snow. Holy Smokes! I wanted to ask for an autopgraph but decided against it and instead decided to try hang onto these VERY fast feet for as long as possible.

I exit the water, (first place female!) and start the crazy mad dash up the hill to transition. Did my wetsuit shrink? Note to self: It is extremely hard to sprint, uphill, in a wetsuit, while out of breath and dizzy because you just swam 1.2 miles. My drunken sailer swagger was in full form.

Luckily, I made it out of my wetsuit and out of transition without any big mishaps.

I mount the QR and begin the 56 mile suffer fest. I find myself all by myself until I here the familar voice of the crazy coach. Sean yells at me 'Good job Amber!' And 'where are the hills?' No one loves hills more than Sean and only he would be wishing for them. Crazy man. :) And I had the honor of biking with Mr. Crazy until he decided to drop me like a hot potato.

The run portion is always my favorite as I love chasing people down! My mind wanted to chase people down but apparently my stomach had other plans which involved taking a tour of the port-a-potties. (Which were VERY spacious!)

I crossed the line first in 4:32. WOOHOO!

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