Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ultra-iron-running Girl and Boy

Spider Dan and Gat Man
That's right. I think it's time for a name change to our blog. After my yog in the Colorado Rockies last week, and Amber's AMAZING year thus far, I think the above title is more than appropriate. Other options: IronAmberandonehundredandtenpoundweakling, Supergirlandwailingwhilerunningboy, and Irongirlandspiderdan.

Spider Dan?
In the spirit of the heroes honored at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth(CHad) Hero Half Marathon and trying to reclaim the Guinness World Record for the most superheroes gathered in one place, my friend Eric Gattie and I decided to help out a noble cause.

The Rules:
I had to dress up as superhero that has been published in a book, comic, television program or film(So no Wailingwhilerunning Boy). Guinness had indicated to us that 3 characteristics that make a character as a superhero:

1. They have a secret identity.

2. They fight crime.

3. They wear tights

So I as Spiderman and Eric as Batman(or Spider Dan and Gat Man) ran in the stiffling hot race on Sunday. Fully covered in the Spidey Suit and Mask, made things a bit hotter. To commemorate such a auspicious occasion, the Super Secret Project performed "Granite State of Mind" which certainly helped us get in the right state of mind.

While this was in fact a race, Eric and I did not neglect our duties to the community as well proceeded to run 13.1 miles while giving hi-fives, enjoying the day, dispensing useful advise and saving any kittens stranded in trees. We even let this lesser known superhero pass us at the finish just to make herself feel better.

I can't think of too many races that were quite as fun. While certainly not running any PR's, giving back to the CHaD and being amongst so many people who came to help was pretty inspiring. After all we do have to live up to our Super Hero names.

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