Monday, August 23, 2010



Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment (164th out of 647 starters) and on changing your finish status for 100-mile events (I know this was one of your goals)! REST IN PEACE 88.6!

Here are some of Danny's quickie statistics for one of the more dangerous events in the world (heart/lung/brain-wise). At the lowest point on the race, it’s still almost 2 miles above sea level (talk about oxygen deprivation).

Dan Ferreira (age division M2)

164th out of 647 starters and out of 363 finishers

17th in his age division

149th in his gender

There were 284 who were DNF

There were 150 who were DNS

Race report coming soon!


  1. Congratulations Danny! That's the way we RACE acidotic! Can't wait to read the RR and see the pictures.

  2. Atta boy Danny! What a great accomplishment! Proud to be your Godfather.

  3. Way to go Dan. You ran really well. Time to relax and get ready for SS season. Can't wait for the RR. But I know I will have to WAIT...I'm guessing it's a family thing. Mr 100.