Friday, July 2, 2010

Only One Hill

A Hill

Why is it that hills get such a bad rap? "Everything is downhill from here", "he's over-the-hill", "It's an uphill battle". Even smaller ski areas get the distinction of being "ski hills or anthills" rather than mountains. Besides Faith, I can think of very few times hills have been painted in a positive light. You start to wonder what's so wrong with hills? What did they ever do to me? They're not so bad. And then just like that you hear "there's just one hill!" and you realize why:

Because it's 7.6 miles of it at 11% grade.

Because you get passed by people that you usually see come in minutes after you in regular races.

Because you realize that you have to somehow get down this 'hill'.

Because you resorted to walking within the first mile.

Because breathing suddenly became a luxury that you apparently can't afford.

Because you got passed by a 68 year old.

Because you got passed by a 68 year old woman.

Because you got passed by a 68 year old woman that heckled you as she passed.

Because you walked across the finish line.

So next time I start feeling bad for hills, I will just remember Mt. Washington and think better of it.

Mt. Washington- Not a Hill