Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mooseman 70.3 from Danny's Perspective

Amber competed in this Sunday's Mooseman 70.3 which had a significant change in the bike course so it was expected to be quite a bit slower due to all the added hills. Amber had ridden the course a few times and had told me that she had never seen so many hills on a race course. I was unable to watch the race because my brothers and I were celebrating my sister's 21st birthday at the Second Annual Gold Jacket Tournament but I had Amber's sister, Deidre, and my friend, Greg, keep me posted on how she did.

Danny: How's she doing?
Deidre: She's second in her age group out of the water, 7th female overall!
Greg: Amber's ahead of Sean Snow by a full minute!

Danny: Where is she now?
Deidre: Half way through the bike, two pros just dropped off. Currently in 10th place overall, 1st in age group!
Greg: She's biking well over 20mph!

Danny: Any word?
Deidre: Just started the run with two bloody knees!
Greg: Amber just finished the bike only five minutes slower than Sean! She might catch him!

Danny: What pace is she running?
Deidre: I don't know but she just passed several guys.
Greg: She's running 6:40's, Sean's running 6:50's. It's going to be close!

Danny: I hope she's having a margarita at the finish line?
Deidre: Crossed the line, first non-professional female, 33rd racer(male and female) overall!
Greg: Well, she qualified for Clearwater and I think she was close enough to the first female pro to qualify for the Pro License herself. 4:42:04 only 20 seconds off of Sean.

It was an exciting way to watch the race unravel, but it was too bad that she couldn't have competed in the Bull Moose Challenge to defend her title(it was canceled after Mooseman Half turned into 70.3).

Amber's race summary to follow...(hopefully)


  1. Congrats Amber! I trust you were acidotic the whole way.

  2. Amber way to go!!! You're improving with every race. Soon Sean will be in your rear view mirror for good.