Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pineland Farms

It has now been 24 days since my stress fracture at Flying Pig Marathon. During that time Amber has logged well over 1,000 miles biking, 200+ miles running and recently won the Rock N Race in 18:05.
I on the other hand have been biking 30 minutes 4-5 days a week, using a bone stimulator and taking calcium pills and that's about it. Wait! I did go for a canoe ride the other day. And I am sure that will be all I need for this weekends' Pineland Farms 50 Miler.
50 Miles? Danny didn't you say you were going to be smart and let this thing heal?
Yes I did and I am. I am just planning on walking it, or as much of it as I can in the 13 hour time limit. I figure this way I can still get the post-race food and support the Acidotic and GCS runners, but more importantly so that I get some serious miles under my belt so I don't lose all of my fitness for Leadville.
My goal is to make it two full laps so 35 miles or so. We'll see...

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