Friday, April 2, 2010

No Mount Washington This Year :(

As the header implies, Amber and I didn't get in via lottery to the Mt. Washington Road Race this year. For those of you unfamilar with MWRR, the race website describes it best: "The Mt. Washington Auto Road is 7.6 miles in length, has an average grade of 11.5% with extended sections of 18%, and the last 50 yards is a 22% "wall" to the finish... The course rises 4650 vertical feet from start to finish. Relax, there's Only One Hill!"

After proposing to Amber at the top in 2008(figured my chances were better when she was anoxic) and bonking after biking there last year, we were hoping to actually put up some good times by racing it this year. We'd have still biked there but this year it wouldn't have been the first ride of the year and we'd hopefully not crash on the way to the race. Either way a bit of a moot point as we didn't get in.

We've requested slots through GCS but so have what appears to be the entirety of the team so we're not too optimistic. What we might do that day instead is hike the Presidental Traverse and try to time it so we're at the Summit of Washington when all the runners are coming in. We're still debating whether we'll be throwing snowballs from Jefferson or not. It all depends on how bitter we still are.

Not to sound too much luck a spoiled sport, congrats to everyone who did get in and we'll be at the top cheering you on.

I guess now we'll have to bike the LONG way there...

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  1. Hey guys - just make sure you save the date ...