Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ferreira Wins Snowshoe Nationals!

March 6, 2010: Tully, NY- The United States Snowshoe National Championships were this past weekend in Tully, NY where a strong group of competitors from all over the country toed the line to attempt to qualify for one of the five spots reserved for males and females to represent the US at the 2011 World Snowshoe Championship. Many of the 2010 athletes, having competed the weekend before in Vancouver were there this weekend trying to get back on the team for a second time.

Amber and I went into the race knowing the competition would be steep. There were several women racers that we overheard at breakfast that morning talking about running sub-2:50 marathons. Additionally, as New England really did get much snow this weekend and there were competitors from out West, we were a little concerned that we'd be prepared for the snowfields that lay ahead of us on this 10k hilly course that both started and ended trudging up a ski hill. It was also excited though, as we could see where we placed on a national level as well as just to see some of the amazing athletes that came out to play. It was especially exciting for Amber as the women had a separate race from the men so she could actually compete solely against women. As her race was before the men's, I was able to watch her start and finish.

Amber and I had talked about holding back a little at the beginning to get a feel for the competition and to try to make a decisive move where they appeared to falter. So much for good intentions, as soon as the race is started, Amber sprints to the front of the pack and continues to lead the race for the majority.

The only times that she relinquished the lead were on the steep descents where some of the more experienced racers would bomb right by her.

As it would happen there was such a descent occurring within 400 yards of the finish where racers had to descend the re-ascend the ski hill to an uphill finish. Amber exited the woods in first, but was soon passed by the second place woman on the descent. By the time they had rounded the curve to head back up the hill, the woman had a 100 yard lead over Amber. I was thinking "Second place still qualifies-this is so great for Amber!" Amber wouldn't be having any of that though.

She took advantage of her superior hill climbing skills to surreptitiously pass the woman and finish in a strong first.

I finished pretty much where I expected- mid-pack as I struggled with the deep, loose packed snow and narrow single track which was, apparently, not me forte. All in all, it was a fun filled weekend and we look forward to going to Worlds, which may be held in Japan this coming year.

Thanks to all the Acidotic and S2 racers that supported and cheered for Amber and me and congratulations to the other competitors representing these teams: Anne Rasmusson, Chris Dunn, Geoff Cunningham, Sean Snow, and Lisa Ransom.


  1. Congratulations Amber!

    You are truly an inspiration :)

    -Laura Saxe

  2. Congrats to Amber and nice job by Danny too!