Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snowshoe Rankings Revisited

I figured that since it seems that everyone is doing, I might as well. I think that we'd all agree that the men are pretty accurate but that the women's rankings are somewhat up for debate as there haven't been any races in that all five of the top women have competed. Therefore, I came up with a ranking that I'd like to call the Jim Johnson Equalizer. While he hasn't run in every race that the women have, he has run in seven in three states finishing nearly first in every race. Therefore, from these seven races, assuming JJ a constant, we can figure out the percentage that each woman finished behind him in their respective races. The results aren't significantly changed from what Chris Dunn and Dave Dunham compiled but the top five have changed in a few positions.

Drum roll please:
1. Abby Mahoney: 1st with an average JJ percentage of 119%
2. Amber Cullen: 2nd with an average JJ percentage of 125.6%
3. Amy Lane(and fellow ex-Bear Naked Team Member): 3rd with an average JJ percentage of 129.5%
4. Ann Rasmussen: 4th with an average JJ percentage of 129.6%
5. Carolyn Stocker: 5th with an average JJ percentage of 134%

It'll be exciting to see if we can get all of these racers together at one race-Granite State Snowshoe Championships? USSSA Nationals? That will sure make for one fast race!

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  1. We can never have too many rankings! Eventually someone will get it right or at the very least you can shop around until you find one that you like :-)
    Anyways, I too have attempted rankings and it appears mine are pretty close to yours above. I to have Amy 'slightly' ahead of Amber but I mean slightly. At this point I'd say it's a tie.