Monday, February 22, 2010

Qualifying for NYC Marathon

Talk about disappointment. Amber and I ran the Half at the Hamptons yesterday, both running to PR's hoping to qualify for automatic entry into the NYC marathon for 2010. Very exciting, but unfortunately, NYC marathon only accepts results from Jan 2009-2010 so our times although good enough for automatic qualification were a little too late. Drat!

However, this race was great for both of us. I had told myself to go out strong and just see how long I could hold out. I hit the first mile with the second pack(a group of six others) in 5:55. It didn't feel too too tough but then we turned the corner at were blasted by high winds which slowed the pace a bit. Our group of six quickly turned into just two, Jimmie Cochrane and me, with two guys slowing and two guys catching the front pack of six runners. Jimmie and I ran solid miles together, taking turns breaking the wind(he more than me) and talking about upcoming races. We hit mile 10 right around the sixty-two minute mark and I was still feeling good so I wished Jimmie well and picked up the pace a bit, or it felt that way. However, I finished in 1:20:42 so I couldn't have actually picked up the pace so much as just maintained it. I was pleased with my 5 minute PR and felt strong and am ready for New Orleans this Sunday.

Amber had a smoking fast 1:27 PR, taking nearly four minutes off her previous best. She ran a smart race, in 3rd for the most of it only to scoot by Dede Griesebauer at mile 12 to take 2nd overall.

Amber is to give her race report soon.

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