Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Snow in New England?

In an unexpected turn of events for Granite State Snowshoers, we had two snowshoe races that were canceled this past weekend due to lack of snow. Lack of snow! In February! In New Hampshire! Stranger things have happened but they usually include David Ducoveny and a three eyed midget speaking backwards...
As Frosty melted away on Sunday, Amber and I decided to do a long run instead. We joined her father for a rolling 18 mile jaunt through Westford and Chelmsford. The hills came early and often, but we kept up a solid pace and put some good mileage in. Amber decided to take off for the last two miles running 6:30 pace. Needless to say, she left us in the dust.
What to do after 18 miles of pounding the pavement? How about 5,000 yards of swimming? Amber's sister, Deidre, invited us to the Harvard Master's Swim practice in Cambridge which was terrifying! Not only was I the worst swimmer there but I think they were trying to get me to stretch rather than swim so I didn't hold up the others. Gasping and nearly drowning for over an hour, we finally were finished. Thank heavens! Unfortunately, it appears that Harvard spends their money on clear water rather than complimentary towels and I was thus relegated to hand driers and paper towels to dry off.
I got another 20 miles in yesterday, running 10 with Amber and B. Lavoie and another 7 with Lavoie on the Bill Luti course and finishing up with 3(or so) at the garage with Joey(training for Flying Pig). I'm pretty happy with that mileage especially(as I'm writing) the snow is FINALLY FALLING- which is great for this weekend at Kingman, but bad for trying to run in the city of Concord.
Hope to see everyone at Kingman on Saturday night and Half at the Hamptons Sunday morning.

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