Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Morning Run

I've discovered a key ingredient missing from my last year's failed attempt at the VT100. Yes, yes I realize a lot had to do with my 20 mile weeks and a triple triathlon the weekend before, but I'm speaking of the middle distance tempo run. Last year, I would do 3-5 miles 2-3 days a week and then whatever race was planned for the weekend. This year, thanks to Amber, B. Lavoie and Sean Snow, I've found the beauty in a mid-week tempo run.
It started a few months back with a 13.1 mile birthday run that we all nearly PR'd during, and has grown to a twice monthly morning tempo run where we go out too fast and all hang on for dear life. The unofficial rule of thumb is you don't want to be the one to cry "uncle" otherwise you will spend the rest of the week being harrassed via email. Usually, I'll just stay a few strides back from the others so that they can't see my tears.
Tempo runs are great to get the legs used to running at marathon race pace for a longer duration than most of the early season races that we do so it's a great complement to the weekend miles that I've been able to put in. Additionally, these tempo runs will increase in length as we get closer to marathon(and Ironman) season so it will be a great way to increase QUALITY miles, much better than the 2 hour slogs that I did by myself last year that prepared me for NOTHING.
It is way to early in the season to see how effective these runs really are but Amber and my first test will be Half at the Hamptons Feb 21st and New Orleans Marathon the following Sunday. I'm hoping to qualify for automatic entry to NYC marathon at one of those two races, so I'll definitely be putting on my game face.
This coming weekend will be interesting in itself, as Amber and I will be doing a Three Peat. We'll be doing the Northfield Snowshoe Race on Saturday and then a double race(Freeze Your Buns and Fourth and Four) on Sunday. Should be a good speed weekend!

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