Monday, February 22, 2010

Kingman Farm Snowshoe Race

Kingman Farm snowshoe race in Madbury, NH is a very popular event which has sold out the last two years. It is a snowshoe race, held at night lighted only by head lamps. It is part of the Granite State Snowshoe Series and is put on by Acidotic Racing so you know the prizes are going to be good.
However, this year due to unseasonably high temperatures and lack of snow and despite Chris Dunn and his Acidotic teammates attempting to patch together a trail, the race had to be modified. Due to the modification, it no longer was part of the series.
When Amber and I showed up to the race we were shocked to see how few cars were parked in the lot. We knew it wouldn't be the best terrain, but COME ON! it's still one of the most fun, and unique experiences that most people will have during their season. About 50 other loyal snowshoers toed the line, Amber and I in running sneakers, some in Yaktrak or Microspikes and a few in snowshoes. As it was no longer part of the snowshoe series and the terrain was questionable, Chris had given everyone the option for what they chose to wear.
The pack took off with Geoff Cunningham taking the lead at a 5k pace; soon he and another Acidotic Racer, Charlie Therriault, were nothing but bouncing light off in the distance. After about a half mile of running with my head lamp on, I decided to turn it off and run by the moonlight. It was amazing! There is nothing like running at night in mixed footing with nothing but the moon to guide your way. It was such an enjoyable race, I feel bad for all the people that decided not to come and enjoy it. Yes, it was not a true snowshoe race, but it was a great experience and, as promised by Chris, truly rewarding for everyone. Everyone in attendance at the post-race celebration won something from the raffle varying from White Mountain Granola(my prize) to a pair of Kahtulla snowshoes(Amber).

The only downside to the race was that it was the same day as the Horsehill snowshoe race and the day before the Half at the Hamptons. Therefore, we decided to forego Horse Hill which looked like it turned out to be a nice race.

Thanks to Chris Dunn for the great race in less than optimal conditions-I was telling him that next year it should just be called Kingman Farm Race so people can come out in any weather condition and not be let down-It is sure to not disappoint.

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