Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 2-1-1

The 211 you ask. Is that the new 411? Nope. It's Amber placing this weekend in our three peat. Joining us this year was Sean Snow who had a respectable: 8-1-7 while I took a 9-4-6 placing.
The weekend started out Saturday at Northfield Mountain on a course eerily similar to the Mountain Race series race held there in the summer. The main difference? Instead of taking 3 miles to attain the 1,000+ feet of elevation gain we did it in two. After hoofing it to the summit, we followed some single track before barrel assing it 3.3 miles back down to the finish. That's where both Amber and I lost it. I was solidly in 6th place catching up to Tim Mahoney(at least I'd like to think that) when I took a wrong turn and got off trail. It only was a delay of 30 seconds or so but in that time five runners had passed me. I was able to catch two but Sean, Steve Wolfe and John Pajer all held me off. Amber lead the entire race until the last kilometer where, in her words "out of nowhere" Carolyn Stocker bombed by her to take the lead and win for the women.
The next race was the third in the Freeze Your Buns series where I paced Amber to a solid 18:43 for first female and 3rd overall. Sean smoked the competition in what can only be described as a beehive poking race, as he tried to evade being drafted on for the entire 3.1 very windy miles. Needless to say his irritation probably helped him cruise to the win.
The final race of the weekend was Concord's Fourth and Four, when I came one second off finishing in the top five. Amber pulled off a strong win over the tough competitor in Christin Doneski while Sean "limped"(while still running 6:12 pace) in with a pulled hamstring.

A fun weekend and good tempo training for the 21st's Half at the Hamptons.

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