Friday, January 22, 2010


For those of you who don't really know me, I am very socially awkward. I am more socially awkward than normal today so I thought I would avoid human contact and fixate on snow shoe racing.

Question Numero UNO: How much harder is snowshoe running than road running?

The physiological response to varying terrain and snowshoeing speed are the key variables affecting the snowshoe runner’s caloric output.

Research conducted by Patrick Schneider showed that an individual snowshoe walking at a comfortable pace on mixed terrain elicited a heart rate response between seventy-five and eighty-five per cent of age-predicted heart rate. This is well within the range to increase cardiovascular endurance as well as improve body composition.

From a calorie perspective research showed that men expended approximately five hundred calories during a thirty-minute session, while females burned approximately 375 calories. This would be equivalent to completing the following activities for thirty minutes: running at six miles per hour, swimming at seventy-five yards per minute, cross-country skiing at five to eight miles per hour, or bicycling at fourteen to sixteen miles per hour (Schneider et al., 2001).

Snow shoeing is bad ass. And very hard.

Question Numero DOS: What are the BEST running snow shoes?

In my honest opinion the gold goes to ATLAS

Atlas: Spring-Loaded Suspension (SLS) - Suspension allows natural articulation of the foot for unmatched control and comfort.

Run Binding - Extremely light one-pull, crisscross design is quick and secure. I have never had a problem with the snowshoe either coming untied or loosening.

Frame - Lightweight aluminum frame is sized and tapered specifically for running.

Aluminum Toe & Heel Crampons - Lightweight aluminum toe and heel crampons provide traction without drag while running uphill, downhill, and on flats. Also, extended toe crampon gives extra grip for push off

USSSA snowshoe racing approved

And if you made it through this post awake and want to try snow shoe is the link to the Granite State snow shoe series:

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