Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ferreira Beats Jenkins and Sean Snow?!

What a title, huh? And technically I did beat both of these great athletes. Caveat: Nate was pacing his girlfriend, Melissa Donais, at the Hangover Classic so clearly he wasn't running to win. (I'm not sure that he knew we were competing:). Running with Melissa and Nate brought me in at 37:03, a PR which was nice until I realized if I hadn't paused for the Beer Stop at mile 4.5 I would have broken 37. Darn! The hangover classic was the first race in the Will Run for Beer race series.

The next day, at Beaver Brook Snowshoe race, the first race in the Granite State Snowshoe Series, I strapped on for the first time this season, my old heavy snowshoes and toed the line. This course was probably the flattest that we'll be seeing this year with no major elevation change. Luckily, we got hit with 4-5 inches of new snow so we were able to run the original course. As always, the race started off fast and only got faster. Solid performances by CMS's Jim Johnson(1st) and Dave Dunham and Acidotic Racing's Tim Cox and Steve Wolfe rounded out four of the five top male finishers. Knowing that I'd blow up trying to keep up with those guys, I figured that I'd try to keep up with Sean Snow for as long as I could. For those of you that don't know Sean, he's probably New Hampshire's best long-distance triathlete, qualifying and competing at Kona something like five times. They say that it's actually easier to become a doctor thant to qualify for the Ironman Championships-and he's done it FIVE TIMES! When he's not tearing it up in Iron-distance events, he likes to kick my butt at any distance foot race as well. So here's the caveat: Sean had never snowshoe raced before, and I only beat him by a couple seconds and could feel him bearing down on me at the end. One hundred yards longer and I probably wouldn't have had a fun post title.
To start the New Year's off right, Amber also competed in these two races, finishing third at the Hangover Classic and First in Bear Brook. Not quite as good as beating Nate Jenkins and Sean Snow, but pretty good nonetheless.

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