Saturday, December 19, 2009


It all started with a friendly bet which ended up getting a few laughs and has ended in a stalemate.

The bet: Who ever crossed the line first at the Manchester Marathon would get to keep their last name. And to make it even more exciting we were fresh off racing the Baystate Marathon 2 weeks prior. The Baystate Marathon is a story in itself as it was a tortuously cold day. Danny started out conservatively and ended up catching me at mile 16 and we ran, hobbled, crawled the rest of the way in. Fun times. However, there was much more at stake at Manchester. It was time to put on my game face and keep the Cullen name alive!

Before the gun went off we sized each other up at the starting line. Game On. Grrr.

Well, Manchester ended up being a mirror opposite of baystate as I caught Dan at mile 18 and we ran together until we could here the announcer, Andy Schachat, say: Here comes Amber CULLEN and her husband : Dan CULLEN! Oops.

We ended up crossing the line together again at Manchester. But we all heard Andy Loud and Clear. :)

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