Saturday, November 21, 2009

13.1 Miles

Today was Jen Norton's 40 year old birthday and what better way for a triathlete to celebrate a big birthday than to run a half marathon? Jen's family and friends all gathered this morning in downtown Concord to run a 13.1 mile celebratory race. Amber after being laid out all week with the flu and not having walked more than a few feet without feeling light-headed decided it would be a good idea to run. I decided that if a flu-ridden person would be able to make it I could as well.
Sean Snow, Brian Lavoie and I took to the front of the pack early and stayed out for the entire race. After a brief smooch by Brian to an apparent stranger and a wrong turn that added about a 3/4 mile to our run, we were on our way. Sean and Brian decided that it would be a good idea to continue on the scorching hot pace over some of the hilliest part of Concord. Stopping to thank all the volunteers(Jen's friends around town) for water stops, and waiting frequently for me to catch back up and we were still on a 6:20 pace. Come on this was supposed to be a fun run!!! Clearly not as at mile 10 1/2 they decided to kick into high gear and leave me behind.
Amber took it a bit easier but still only finished about ten minutes behind me. She ran steady but joined a larger group of fellow triathletes including the recent Ironman, Lisa Ransom.
The only thing more fun than the brutal race was the post race and Jen's. Great fun and friends, is there a better way to spend a Saturday?

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