Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up Next Manchester Marathon!

This Sunday, November 1st, Danny and Amber will be embarking on a 26.2 mile journey along the mill city of Manchester NH.
A rather hilly first half with steady, if not steep, climbs that will them by the famed Derryfield Park's X-C course before taking Hanover St back down to Elm. There they will split paths with the half-marathoners who will turn to the left and finish. The marathoners will continue on crossing over to the West side of Manchester and running by Saint Anselm's before crossing a foot bridge and finishing up.
This may be the second running of the marathon for the two runners, both hoping to improve upon their last year's times. The reason for the may is that Amber and Danny are still recovering from a 18+ mile hike in the Whites this past weekend- having to ford 5 rivers, climb down a waterfall and running the last four miles back to the car before it got dark. That considering that weekend was to have been the recovery week from Baystate Marathon the weekend before. Suffice it to say, they are both sore. Danny's commited to running it no matter what, but Amber, taking the far more reasonable approach, will wait until the morning of to see how she's feeling.

Danny's Goals: Qualify for Boston, Run sub-3, Qualify for automatic entry into NYC marathon with 2:55:00
Amber's Goals: Determine whether to run the full or half; If running the full- Redeem self from last year's run.

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