Monday, July 6, 2009

Vermont 100 on 25 mile weeks?

Danny: So I had this great plan to do the VT100 and I would ramp up my mileage in the months preceeding it. I scheduled some late winter/early spring marathons and half marathons(New Bedford Half then Peak's Snowshoe Marathon and Great Bay Half and Cape May Marathon) to get in some solid mileage early in the season to ready myself for my first year doing ultras. That was great- It carried me through Pineland Farms 50 miler in 8:22 with minimal difficulty...
Yikes! Since that late May race I have not done a long run longer than 11 miles and have not had a single week of more than 25 miles. Let's just hope that this exceptionally long taper will see me well rested and ready to take on the 100 mile buffet.
Here's to hoping!

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  1. Amber:

    Danny's goals for the Vermont 100:
    1.) Finish in less than 25 hours (which is possible unless of course something out of the ordinary, perhaps a wild animal encounter...)
    This is a good website for tips on what to do when you encounter dogs, ticks, snakes, moose, bears, bats, badgers, or mountain lions. Yikes.

    2. Not get eaten by dog, tick, snake, moose, bear, bat, badger, or mountain lion.

    3. Save some of the food in the aid stations for the other runners.