Monday, July 13, 2009


A month after winning the Bull Moose Competition, in a dramatic, come-from behind fashion, Amber Cullen won the inaugural Lady of the Flies competition as part of the Black Fly Triathlon series. The Black Fly Triathlon, the newest race series brought to you by the guys who put on Mooseman and Timberman, is set in picturesque Waterville Valley, NH.

The weekend started off on Friday night with a 4 mile time trial at which Amber placed 7th with a time of 12:19(19.5 mph) and 25 seconds off of the 1st place female. That Saturday was the International distance triathlon which due to the 53 degree temperature included a very abbreviated swim(1/4 mile), 20.5 mile bike, and a 5 mile run. Amber, disadvantaged by the short swim with which she normally builds a sizable lead, finished 2nd with a time of 1:41:38 now cutting the time for the Lady of the Flies to 11 seconds(while also beating Danny by over 4 minutes).

So Sunday arrived to herald in slightly warmer water temperatures as well as the final day of the series which was the Sprint. It consisted of another 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run. Speaking at the podium at the award ceremony, Amber stated that she knew she had to make up those 11 seconds and hammered it home on the bike hoping that her legs would stay strong for the run. She certainly did winning the race with a 35 second margin in a time of 1:15:17(again beating Danny by 4 1/2 minutes this time).

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