Monday, March 11, 2019

Joe Davis Run for Recovery

This past Saturday, Kendra's mother was arriving in Charlotte and we were picking her up. To make the most of our time in Charlotte we decided to sign up for a 10k that morning. It was for a good cause-the local addiction prevention center and the pre-race messages were poignant but also inspiring.
Tilda and I would be running together and Kenny following shortly behind. Without going into too much detail, it was a fun(yet wet) course and for being a small race, had good support and post-race awards. Kenny finished 6th female overall and 2nd in her age-group and I was 5th overall. For some reason, they didn't count Tilda ;)

Here are some pics for the race:

After doing lunch with Kendra's mom, we unceremoniously dumped Tilda off with her and had our first date night in 10 months. Eating without fending off little fingers, and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep were the highlights of the evening. It was great but we both were eager to get back to see her the next morning.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2019 Challenges

2018 was an amazing year!

Mostly from a getting the best little baby in the world:)

 But also it was a fun year of some unique challenges. I repeated as the Krispy Kreme Dash champion by downing a dozen donuts and running a 5k the fastest, but also nearly took the win at the beerlay.

Not all of my challenges involved food or drink, running a marathon in my 25th state(AL), doing a couple trail races, and lots of hiking.

All in all it was a great year for my family and an okay year for challenges.

2019 I'm stepping up the challenges.

First of all Matilda is bigger and heavier than ever! She'll be over a year by the time I next take her hiking. That certainly will be a challenge!

Also I've got some fun adventures in store, starting with a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich eating contest next week!  There's no running involved so I'm not sure how I'll contend. I think my niche is that I'm a pretty good eater and a pretty good runner. Competing against pure eater maybe a challenge.

One I'm willing to accept!

Soon thereafter is the Beer Mile. Wow! The Beer Mile is actually less than 2 months. Unlike the Beerlay which covered 8 miles and consumed 4 beers. The beer miles(as you may have guessed) covers 1 mile with the same beer consumption. I am interested to see my splits in that one. I better start doing some hot laps. That one might hurt!

Less than a month after that, Tilda Kenny and I will be going to Tuckfest where we notoriously got so lost in an adventure race that we DNF'd. We'll be swapping out adventures to hang out with Tilda but this year I'm shooting for the trail half marathon, the top rope rock climbing competition, maybe a short mountain bike race AND a white water rafting race! That is if I can get a few teammates. That should be such a fun weekend! Or at least one with plenty of stories.

And that only brings us to April!

Kenny is taking me back to Baxter State Park where I was turned back by inclement weather before summitting Katahdin. This is the summer.

Tilda, Kenny and I are also shooting to do at least 5 more 4,000 footers this summer while we're in New Hampshire.

I'm signed up already for the Beerlay and Krispy Kreme Challenges again and probably will do a few of the Upstate Ultra trail races in the fall.

But really the biggest challenge will be baby proofing my house because that girl is on the move!

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Monday, February 11, 2019

26.2 Miles for Donna

This past weekend, Tilda, Kenny and I made the journey down to the Sunshine state. After a Friday morning run in Amelia Island, we set up shop on the beach in Neptune Beach, FL and hung out. It was such a fun time and Tilda had a blast people watching and playing in the sand.

Saturday we traveled to Saint Augustine which is the oldest continuously inhabited European settled settlement in the US. There's a fort right in midst of the town that kind of reminded me of a smaller version of the one in Old San Juan, PR. It was also built by the Spanish but over one hundred years before San Juan's.

We had a fun time walking through the narrow alleys of Saint Augustine but I couldn't help thinking that, in true Florida fashion, the whole area felt 100% touristy. While Charleston, Savannah and even Boston have elements of touristy sections, you know that locals also inhabit those spaces and go to those places. Here it seemed it was only tourists. Which is not always a bad thing, but could be felt in the number of people stopping mid-stride to take a selfie that will likely be edited into near nonrecognition. 

A bit out of the town, we got off the beaten path a bit with a short boat ride to Fort Matazanas which guarded the "back entrance" into Saint Augustine. It is most notable for the Spanish massacre of French Huguenots which is actually where the fort got its name. During the ride, the wind picked up as the temperature dropped so we opted to skip the self-guided walking tour and instead head to San Sebastian Winery for  a wine tasting. 

After tasting too many sweet wines, we headed back to our hotel for an early night(Tilda's sleep/wake cycle dependent). 

Side-Note: In true, amazing wife fashion, Kenny did everything in her power short of smothering to keep Tilda quiet which lead to probably the best night sleep I've had in ten months. So I cannot sand-bag with sleep deprivation for once. 

Shady Shade Shade
The weather was calling for an overcast race day and they were right. Shade was out in abundance. We were staying at a hotel about a mile away from the start/finish line. I thought that I'd be able to park near the start but the whole area was blocked off. There was a brief moment that I consider jogging to the start but swiftly called an Uber instead. This lead to the first encountered with shade.

Uber Driver: "You're doing the race?"
Danny: "Yeah, it starts in about an hour."
Uber Driver: "So you're driving to go run?"
Danny: "Errr yeah, well it's a long run."
Uber Driver(pointing out his side window): "Those people all look like they're running too."
Danny: "Errr well...."

Then he proceeded to drive past the start line and drop me off about 1/2 mile away from the start. I got a slightly shorter walk and my first taste of shade of the day. 

A thing about this race. It is first and foremost a race to support Breast Cancer research and honor survivors. Really more of celebration of life than a race for most of the runners. It was great to see so many people out supporting a good cause and bringing in lots of research funds. But that being said, even though there were several thousands runners there were only a handful of "racers". 

One such racer was Tracy McKinnon of Harbison Trail Runners fame. He'd just run a 40 mile race the weekend before so he was as fresh as he normally is for the race. In typical sandbagger fashion, when asked what his goal was, he replied just finish to cross another state off his list(he's currently at 16). 

Spoiler Alert-Tracy beats Danny and takes first Master overall. 

As the gun went off I got sucked up with some of the faster half-marathoners and went through the first mile about 30 seconds too fast. I quickly backed off to a more manageable(or so I thought) 6:30 pace which I ticked off with good regularity for the first half marathon. It was so nice having Tilda and Kenny cheering me on the first half. I got to see them three times in the first 11 miles and the smile on my face probably lasted a mile after each time seeing them. But the second half had no opportunities for me to see them and right around then, as I passed mile 16 and the furthest I'd traveled for over a year, the wheels started coming off.

But unlike a high speed crash, this was more like an accident that may occur at any shopping plaza in Florida on any given day, slow motion collision between two cars driven by what appears to only be 10 knuckles. I refused to walk and my body refused to run. I half jogged half staggered the last six miles, going from 4th place to 8th with less than a mile to go. And then comes Tracy.

Running beside me so effortlessly(apparently unaware we had just traveled, on foot, for 25+ miles), he looks over at me, says "I thought you'd be already drinking a beer by now" and then passed by so quickly that he ended up beating me by nearly a minute.

Split Pace


As you can see from my paces, those last few miles were "slightly off-pace".

Immediately after finishing, with Tilda in my arms and Kenny by my side, we headed to lunch then back for awards as I still finished in 9th place and first in my age-group. The awards were presented by none other than Joan Benoit Samuelson, the Olympic marathon champion. She asked me what my finishing time was and when I told her, she replied: "Oh I want to run a sub 3:03 at Boston. I'd like to run faster but at least as fast as 3:03". 

As if that wasn't shady enough, apparently she told Tracy she'd like to run sub 3:02! Nothing like a little shade to make you laugh after a long painful run.

Interestingly, I've run 3:02-3:04 at each of my marathons in the last 4 years but this is the first I didn't come in 8th. I guess it's a sign that things are a-changing.

12th consecutive year of qualifying for Boston(first was Manchester Marathon 2008)

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Training for a Marathon with a Stroller

I just read somewhere that the World Record for the marathon with a stroller is 2:31. A 2 hour and freaking 31 minute marathon with a 4 year old child in a stroller! That is amazing.

These days I'm appreciating the hard work that it takes to run with a stroller as I'm doing almost all of my long runs pushing Matilda. We don't live in a very hilly area but I can tell you I can feel every time there's an incline. I am almost exactly one month out from my first marathon in over a year and I've adhered, for the most part, to my training plan. In terms of distance. Pace has been WAY slower but it will be interesting to see how it translates.

I haven't had a sub-3 hour marathon in four years(3:03-4 in Trinidad, Columbia and Mobile) and haven't run that kind of pace(for any distance) for a long time so I don't think that's in the cards. I don't even know what I'm shooting for. Hopefully not walking and finish with a solid pace. Still having enough energy to make the drive home after the race would be nice too:)

 I'm hoping pushing this little bug is good strength training.

 Or perhaps, I may find that I've been leaning on her more than I think. We will see February 8th in Neptune Beach Florida. Which will be my 26th state where I've run a marathon. Here's to hoping it's a good one! I'll keep ya posted.

Until next time,


Monday, November 26, 2018

Giving Thanks Every Day

When I started this blog, internet speeds were still slow and smart phones were in their infancy. What this meant was that blogs were a popular and well-received medium to share people's stories(especially those of us without the connections and/or talent to have lucrative book contracts). Fast forward to present day and podcasts and  vlogs have taken over most people's interests. I look at my own blog list of people I follow and only a handful still write. But here I am. Albeit very infrequently, but still here to express my gratitude for every day I have an opportunity to get out and experience this beautiful world we live in. 

But to satisfy those of you who cannot read a few paragraphs without going through video withdrawal, here is a video for your delight.

It has been a fun few months. I last left off telling you all about the Beerlay. Since then, I did another race put on by the awesome people at Upstate Ultra-the Paris Mountain 25k. I had originally signed up for the 50k, but knew I wasn't ready for that. As luck would have it, the race director let me switch so I could do just one loop. Which was enough! Although in better shape, I would have loved it, as it was I really enjoyed the course which was almost entirely runnable with just two steep climbs and the rest seemingly all downhill. Definitely a race I will do again in the future. 

I soon followed that up with another glutinous race, this time the Krispy Kreme Dash in Myrtle Beach. This was my second year racing it and second time winning. And the prize this year: Another year of donuts! This time a dozen per week. Wow! Talk about developing a dad-bod! 

It was a great weekend having Kenny and Matilda of course, but we were also joined by my parents and brother Drew and his girlfriend Vicki. As with all times with people you love, it went far too quickly but it was still nice to spend time with them. 
Then time travel occurred and it was already Thanksgiving and I was giving thanks for my beautiful wife and adorable daughter as we ate the first Thanksgiving meal with just our family. Decorating our house for Christmas rounded out the weekend. 

It's so easy to get bogged down with the day to day sometime to really step back and appreciate all the wonderful things we have in our lives. But you're here, able to read this, presumably while breathing, likely in a comfortable setting, hopefully with some people who you love around. There is so many things to be grateful for each and everyday, don't wait 364 days before you are again.

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Beer Lay and babies= Best Birthday Ever

I heard "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen the other day and came to a conclusion: I'm officially in my late-mid thirties. Or early late-thirties. Either way, I can race as a Master and by some estimates have seen the best of my days. 

Luckily, I cheerfully disagree. Yes, I may have some grays in the hair and fat in the belly that I didn't have before. And I am considerably slower(physically and probably mentally). But I can honestly say I probably had the best birthday ever this year. 

The actual day was spent with me taking a half day and getting to spend it with Matilda and the evening with Kenny. We had gone up to Charlotte the weekend before and had a wonderful time. Matilda(possibly with Kenny's help) got me some great birthday gifts. Family and friends showered me with well-wishes which is one of the saving graces of social media and text messaging.

If that wasn't enough, my brother Drew treated me to a weekend in Greenville and entry into the Cottonmouth Beerlay: an eight mile race where every two miles you have to drink a beer. 8 miles and 4 beers.

Wait-did I say best birthday ever???

Well eating and drinking is my specialty and I still can somewhat run, so why not? It would be fun! I surely wasn't thinking as much on my third and fourth laps with 3-4 beers in my ever-more bloated belly. And the fact the race came down to a sprint finish added an element of discomfort. 
At least the drinking was fast
Michael Nance-a fellow Harbison Trail runner after the race.
But in reality it was really fun and Drew and I spend the rest of the evening out and about in Greenville and was great catching up. Greenville is a beautiful little city which I hadn't really had an opportunity to explore before. 

Images from Falls Park 
The race was also good preparation for the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Myrtle Beach in a month. I suspect the competition will be steeper this year so I better be on my A game if I want to defend my title. 

That fun weekend really was just icing on the cake as having my beautiful baby to come home to really sealed the deal. It'll be a tough birthday to beat, but next year she'll be walking so who knows?

Until next time,